How AGEs From Your Diet Accelerate Your Aging

How AGEs From Your Diet Accelerate Your Aging

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If you haven’t asked the question, what are advanced glycation endproducts, yet, then you will be asking it soon. Advanced Glycation Endproducts are better known as AGEs for short.

Their significance in your health is that they will accelerate your aging. Not just a little but a lot!

The more you know about them now, the better off you will be later!

What Are Advanced Glycation Endproducts In Food?

AGEs form in foods when the food is cooked at high temperatures or when the food goes through a lot of processing. For example, cereals use a lot of processing to get them to their boxed state.
The steps could involve cooking the grain mixture, then adding more ingredients and cooking it again, then dehydrating the whole batch.

Food FactoryThree steps of heating as compared to one step of cooking that is done at home on top the stove is a lot more processing.

During each step of that processing, advanced glycation endproducts are generated. Thus, the food ends up with more AGEs in it than when it began.

Broiling a food does the same thing to it, drastically increasing the AGEs content of the food. And the accumulation of AGEs doesn’t stop there.

It continues as soon as the food gets into your body. The food is broken down and AGEs are formed again and again.

AGEs are also found in foods that have been carmelized or browned. This browning process is called the Maillard reaction and involves the formation of AGEs.

Thus, any food that is carmelized or browned has drastically increased its AGEs content.

And one study found that for diabetics, when sugar was added to egg whites, the diabetics bodies produced 200 times more AGEs that attacked their immune system cells.

Is this the reason why diabetics have such poor immune system function? We don’t know for sure right now but it’s looking like the evidence is mounting up.

What Are Advanced Glycation Endproducts Called?

There are many different types of AGEs. Here’s a short list of some of them:

▸ Carboxymethyllysine (CML)
▸ Carboxyethyllysine (CEL)
▸ Methylglycate (MG)
▸ Argpyrimidine
▸ Glucosepine

AGEs form with sugar in the body and with oxidized fat, too.

What Causes Advanced Glycation Endproducts To Be Made In The Body?

Each time there’s an AGE that is formed in a food, that fragment will go to different parts of the body and set up damage once it is inside you.

Blood Sugar BodyBut there’s another way that AGEs are created in the body – from your metabolism and from high blood sugar levels.

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Your metabolism creates small amounts of AGEs every day. This occurs because your body uses oxygen to breathe.

The AGEs are created as byproducts of oxygen metabolism and they are neutralized by antioxidants. This is the best reason for you to have adequate levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D.

When your blood sugar levels are high, then the extra sugar that is floating around in your bloodstream becomes a source point for AGEs to act with and form new AGEs.

This is how diabetics end up with damage to their heart, arteries, kidneys, eyes, nerves and every other organ in the body.

What Are AGEs Associated With?

QuestionResearch studies on AGEs are becoming more and more plentiful. Now, we already know that the formation and accumulation of advanced glycation endproducts causes:

▸ Alzheimer’s disease
▸ age-related diseases
▸ heart disease
▸ diabetes
▸ diabetic complications
▸ signs of aging
▸ vision changes, including the formation of cataracts and retinopathy
▸ chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, asthma, periodontitis

AGEs interfere with nitric oxide production. Wherever AGEs go inside the body is where they set up inflammation, denature proteins and incapacitate them, and damage the mitochondria of your cells causing tiredness and fatigue.

And this is one area where all researchers agree: However much oxidative stress you have on your body along with the accumulation of AGEs from the diet is proportional to how many AGEs are in your food, how much sugar you consume, including fructose.

Binding Up The Advanced Glycation Endproducts

There are some substances that interfere with AGEs formation. Here’s a short list:

▸ aspirin
▸ carnosine
▸ metformin
▸ resveratrol
▸ taurine
▸ lipoic acid

But despite these AGEs substances, the best bet is preventing advanced glycation endproducts from forming in the first place. This way you can control your aging from the inside out.

source :   Diet and Skin Aging—From the Perspective of Food Nutrition

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