How To Stop Eating Comfort Foods When You’re Over 40

How To Stop Eating Comfort Foods When You’re Over 40

The problem with being over 40 is that the list of comfort foods we run to has grown with every decade.

Then suddenly, we discover that life’s stresses have truly taken a toll and somehow we have picked up bad eating habits.

How And Where You Get Comfort Foods
Where these comfort foods come from varies. Here’s a short list of some of the places where they develop:

  1. Family Influences Some of your older (or younger) family members offer certain foods to you while you are discussing life’s problems. This sets up an association between being soothed and relaxed with food.
    Without thinking about it, you will return to these foods the next time your body undergoes another stress.
  2. Work Influences Comfort Food Consumption

Food InfluenceCo-workers at big corporations. The co-worker scene is the number 1 reason why most people don’t like to work in big corporations, including government.

And when you observe what is happening during break times and lunch times, you’ll always find the same thing – complaining and even bickering and then co-workers offering to share food with you.

Again, this scenario is developing a neural tract in your brain – a pattern – that will be repeated the next day and the next day.

Before long, you’ll be complaining about something and reach for one of the most common foods that other co-workers eat.

  1. Church Social Events

Church EventsUnfortunately, very few congregations in established churches seem to care enough for the body as a temple of the Lord to eat right.

These events are known for the obvious addiction to sugar and foods that cause diabetes and other health problems, yet the people continue eating them.

The solution of most people seems to be to pray for deliverance of the diseases that come along with these comfort foods.

How many of these situations have you found yourself in, eating these comfort foods? For most people, the answer is at least two of them.

And that’s frightening because it’s almost like a psychosis that comes over the population, as the eating of more and more comfort foods causes disease and packs on the pounds.

You realize you’re trapped in the cycle like a rat who exercises on a wheel and can’t get out of the wheel because it keeps turning and turning.

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What Can You Do To Stop Eating These Comfort Foods?

The answer to this big dilemma is to follow this four-step set of recommendations.

Step 1. Identify All The Situations Where You Eat Comfort Foods

If you take one week and record every place where you wanted to grab a comfort food, without doing anything about it just yet, you’ll make progress.

The purpose of this step is to see the big pattern of what is happening all around you and in your life. Who are the instigators – the ones that can easily offer you comfort foods without you ever considering saying no?

Step 2. What Are The Alternatives?

Walk In The ParkDecide on a new substitute for eating when you are emotionally upset or charged. In fact, create a list of about 10 possible things you could do, since one is most likely not enough.

Here are some examples:

  • call a friend
  • take a walk
  • write a journal
  • go for a car drive
  • 1 set 12 reps weight lifting
  • read a new book
  • go to the park
  • turn on the TV
  • talk to your dog
  • take a bubble bath
  • encourage a friend

The difference between these and what you are doing now is immense. Eating comfort foods is destroying your body; these are planting good seeds for your future.

List Method StepsStep 3. Deal With Only One Type Of Scenario Of Eating Comfort Foods

When you feel like you are ready to attack one of those scenarios, go for it armed with your list of substitutions. Choose only one scenario at a time and master it for 21 days.

You will also find yourself decreasing the times you eat comfort foods in other scenarios in your life, too. This happens automatically.

Step 4. Deal With Another Scenario Of Eating Comfort Foods

Now attack the next scenario, armed with your list of substitutions. You may find that your list of substitutions has grown or even doubled, as you realize that comfort foods are not the answer to life’s problems.

And that’s it. This is how to stop eating the comfort foods that are making you sick in many ways.

source : Here’s Why You Stress Eat — And How to Stop Doing It

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