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Are you concerned about global warming, about pollution and toxins and the fact that we are using up the earth’s resources beyond the point at which it can sustain us?

I’ve long worried about our impact on the environment and looked for ways to live in a more sustainable way. The trouble is that a lot of environmentalists out there are of the muesli and hair-shirt brigade. They think the problem is too many people and that we should all go back to living the way our ancestors did a few hundred years ago.

I hate to say that doesn’t work for me, or most of humanity. Billions of people around the world are trying to claw their way out of abject poverty on small farms and villages. They deserve a good life too. The questions I’m most interested in are ways of looking at how we can allow people to live well without ruining the earth. Its about looking at solutions like renewable energy, public transport and electric vehicles, that allow for both sustainable living and good quality of life.

I don’t think think that saving the planet means sacrificing everything we’ve learned and developed over the past few hundred years, but it is about doing things in a smarter way. Its about the little choices we can make in everyday life from which power company we choose and what food we buy to how we travel on holiday. It is about making positive changes that enrich our lives too.

This is a journey for me. I hope you’ll join me on it. Please share your thoughts and ideas with me and together we can make the world a better place.