Is The hCG Diet for You If You’re Over 40?

Is The hCG Diet for You If You’re Over 40?

HCG Diet

When you are over 40, do you believe it’s harder to lose weight?

If your answer was yes, you may not be familiar with all the diets that are out there.

Scientists have already broken through the barrier of losing only two pounds a week.

It’s possible now that you can lose one pound a day, even if you are over 40. This especially works well if you have 40 or more pounds to lose.

So what’s the best way to start losing weight if you’re over 40? Well the best way is NOT to check with your friends to see what they’re doing.
The way to make your decision is to base the decision on a diet with research to back it.

The Dr. Simeons hCG Diet

The hCG diet was developed by an endocrinologist, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in Rome, Italy. On a trip to India, he found doctors administering hCG to overweight patients who had large hips, buttocks and thighs.

The small daily doses of hCG eliminated their ravenous appetites and abnormal fat deposits, too. The diet has over 50 years of research behind it.

And if you’re wondering, Does hCG work?, then keep reading.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a natural hormone produced during pregnancy produced by the embryo and placenta in amounts as much as one million IU per day.

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During pregnancy, a woman won’t become obese or form abnormal fat unless she is eating a diet high in sugars and bad fats.

Different Types Of Fat In The Body

Dr. Simeons then discovered that a 500-calorie diet in conjunction with a small dose of hCG (125-150 IU per day) was enough to create weight loss of one pound a day in many patients. There are three types of fat in the body:

  1. Structural Fat, which surrounds your organs and does not make you fat
  2. Normal Fat, the type used to fuel your body and does not make you fat
  3. Abnormal Fat, the type that does make you fat and accumulates on your arms, stomach, buttocks, face, hips and everywhere else you don’t want fat.

Dr. Simeons found that his hCG diet went right after the abnormal fat in the body, preserving the normal and structural fat while maintaining the tautness of the skin. HCG works on the hypothalamus to release abnormal fat stores.

When someone who is overweight diets by fasting, they lose normal fat and then structural fat before the abnormal fat is touched.

They end up looking drawn and haggard and their abnormal fat deposits don’t change much. It’s frustrating to have all one’s efforts result in such a tragedy.

hCG Diet Foods

The diet allows these protein foods:

● chicken breast
● veal
● buffalo
● beef strip steak or chuck roast
● catfish, bass, cod, crab, flounder, grouper, halibut, lobster, orange roughy, shrimp, snapper, ssole, tilapia, tuna

HCG diet foods (fruits) include apples, grapefruit, lemon, orange, and strawberries.

HCG diet foods that are vegetables include asparagus, onions of all varieties, spinach, radish, tomato, cucumber, fennel, cabbage, beet greens and chicory.

Coffee and tea are allowed as well as melba toast crackers.

hCG clinics are usually set up with a physician or physician’s assistant consulting with you medically to make sure you are a good candidate for the diet.

An hCG Consultant functions as a nutritionist and gives you the program manual (and cookbook), and your hCG. She monitors your progress, offering encouragement when needed.

Weight Loss Success Practically Guaranteed, Even Those Over 40

The Dr. Simeons hCG diet is even recommended by Dr. Oz. The diet is either a 23-day or 40-day cycle, followed by a maintenance period without hCG for six weeks to allow the hypothalamus to reset the metabolism.

HCG InjectionsYou can opt for either hCG injections (very small needles) or oral pills. The dosage of the hCG is very small, nowhere near what the body creates during pregnancy.

There are no hCG side effects.

Here’s what one woman, 55 years old said about the diet: “Firsthand, I found the diet easy to follow and had no cravings. The best results for me were the elimination of stubborn abnormal fat deposits.

Watching the scale skip numbers on the way down was motivating and for every pound, I lost an inch. My BMI has gone into the normal zone and my blood pressure became normal after the first 8-pound loss.”

She didn’t have to lose 50 pounds and lost 15 pounds in 30 days without any hCG side effects. Also, it helped her realize she couldn’t eat so many different foods at one time anymore; this bad habit was working against her and her metabolism.”

She continued, “We always learn something on a diet, and hopefully it’s something good that can give long-lasting benefits. I also realized stress was causing me to gain weight and started to address the stress for long-term success.

On maintenance now, I am motivated to never let my weight go back to where it was before. It’s been a month and the weight is still staying off.”

If you’re over 40, give this diet some serious thought.

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