Workouts For Men Over 40

Workouts For Men Over 40

Finding the perfect exercises for men over 40 will quickly help to catapult your success so that you can reach all your fitness goals and develop the body that you’ve always dreamed of.

Far too many men who are over 40 incorrectly believe that it’s just too late to change the way they look.

They think that they’re just carrying too much body fat or that their body will be resistant to change, thus they choose to give up before they even start.

If this describes your sentiments right now, it’s time to really rethink this because the truth is that there is plenty that you can be doing to change the way you look and build a body that you can feel proud of.

The problem is that many people simple don’t know what to look for in workouts for men over 40 so even if they do get started on a workout routine, they’re literally wasting their time not seeing the results they had hoped for.
Let’s take a little bit of time right now to assess what any workouts for men over 40 should contain so that you can get on the path to success.

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Compound Lifts
The very first thing that any workout routines designed for males who are forty years of age or older should have is compound lifts.

Just like when you were younger, these are simply the best movements to provide the greatest strength and muscle gains, and they’ll also help to keep you the leanest as well.

If you are someone who has already been working out for a number of years and does have a very good muscle base behind you, then you may want to start looking into more isolated movements instead to further refine the muscle that you’ve already built.

But, if you’re just getting started and want to make the fastest changes to your body possible, then compound lifts will be the way to do this. Hands down this is the best way to spend your time.

Plenty Of Recovery Time
Another thing that you’ll want to look for when seeking out exercise plans is that they provide ample recovery time.

Since you do still want to be pushing your body quite hard during the sessions you complete as this is what will bring about the best results possible, you need to also make sure that you are getting the recovery time to grow back stronger.

Now that you are in your 40’s or beyond, your recovery rates will be slightly slower so don’t expect to come back as quickly as you may have in your 20’s. Taking a much needed day off after each workout may seem like you’re slacking, but it really is the fastest way to keep yourself right on track.

If you want to do some light recovery cardio training on these days off that should be fine as it won’t impede your recovery all that much and will offer you the cardiovascular boost that you may be looking for as well.

Moderate Rep Ranges
Moving on, in workouts for men over 40 you will want to be focusing in the moderate rep ranges of 6-10 reps.

You likely won’t want to go much lower than this, down to 3-5 reps total as you may have in your younger years, due to the fact that this will call for more total weight lifted and that can place huge stress loads on your joints.

While weight lifting definitely will make your bones stronger, you don’t want to really overload yourself or you could start to experience shoulder joint, knee joint, or even hip pain.

Joint problems are quite common in men who are past the age of 40 and who are still lifting incredibly heavy weight, so save yourself from this.

Lift more moderately now so that you can ensure that you have a long lifting future ahead of you. It’s simply not worth sacrificing your potential long-term results just to add another 20 pounds of weight to the bar and crank out a max set of 3.

If you perform weight just under that for 7-8 reps, you’ll still be evoking a great growth response and be feeling a lot better while doing it.

Full Body Or Upper/Lower Split Design
Finally, the last thing that you should be looking for when seeking out workout routines that will help transform your body is one that utilizes either a full body or an upper/lower workout split design.

While those who are in their early 20’s may still decide to use the traditional ‘bodybuilding’ split workouts where you work just one or two muscle groups at once, these aren’t going to be the best option for you at this age.

Since you do have that slightly reduced recovery capacity and you still do want to be hitting the muscles with a high enough frequency, you should instead be using a full body or an upper/lower split design.

This will allow you to work each muscle group at least two times, if not three times per week, therefore making great gains without over-exerting yourself.

Some men may also choose to do one upper body day, one lower body day, and then one full body day throughout the week with one day off in between and this tends to work incredibly well for adding a bit more specialization, while still maximizing both rest and frequency at the same time.

So there you have some of the most important factors that you must be sure you’re taking into account and looking into as you search through workouts for men over 40.

Remember that there’s definitely no one best routine that you should choose to use but rather you should take into account your personal preferences, how your body responds to various workout program designs, and how much time you have available to devote to your routine.

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