Over 40 Jogging: Don’t Start One Up Before You Read This Article!

Over 40 Jogging: Don’t Start One Up Before You Read This Article!

Over 40 Jogging

Symptoms That Say Pay Attention, You’re Not Ready To Jog
If you’re over 40, jogging may be a big decision for you to make.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Am I too old to start jogging?”

If you feel old, then that’s your intuition you’re hearing and it’s trying to prevent you from injuries.

Listen to it.

Here is a list of some common signs of injury that may indicate you really should not dive into a jogging program, even if it’s a so-called over 40 jogging program:

Feet hurt after a long day

  • Your ability to walk or jog has declined and you’re out of breath after a few minutes
  • You have noticed many wrinkles on your face recently
  • The skin on your hands is starting to get thin
  • You aren’t urinating yellow urine
  • You are tired quite often
  • QuestionWhat These Symptoms Mean

It’s best to get your body to tell you to go exercise, rather than you tell your body that you’re going to be starting an over 40 jogging program, no matter what.

You see, commitment is a good thing, but sometimes you can’t commit your body to do something when it’s running on your reserves. You’ll end up beating yourself into the ground, or pavement in this case.

If your feet hurt after a long day, it could be that your feet don’t have the proper support. Years of being on them in the wrong shoes or without the right insoles that fit your fet like a glove fits a hand could have led you to the point where you’re just about one straw away from a major foot problem happening.

That one straw away could be the straw of over 40 jogging. And then all hell breaks loose when you end up with a case of plantar fascitis or morton’s neuroma or even hammertoes.

Out Of BreathOut Of Breath? Wrinkles?

If your ability to walk or jog has declined, that out-of-breath symptom means that your antioxidant levels have been wiped out. You’ll need at least a month’s worth of time to replace them before you start jogging.

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The same thing is true for the appearance of wrinkles. It’s antioxidants and omega 3 fats that keep the skin looking young into old age.

And if your skin on your hands is getting paper thin, that’s an indication that you really don’t have enough protein in your diet – another disaster waiting to happen once jogging isinitiated.

Vitamin B SupplementClear Urine And Tired All The Time?

The two last symptoms – urine that isn’t yellow and being tired often are two different types of problems, and both can affect the ability of your body to go jogging without injuring yourself.

If your urine is clear, it means that you don’t have enough B vitamins. These are the vitamins needed to give you energy during your jogging time.

Expect to be constantly tired if you add the stress of an over 40 jogging program when you have a B vitamin deficiency. It just doesn’t work!

And the symptom of being tired already – well, that’s a mineral deficiency that could be related to zinc, chromium, potassium, calcium, and at least four other vitamins and minerals.

Just like the previous one mentioned, you can’t expect to go very far running or jogging if you don’t have energy to start with. It’s drawing reserves – and from where?

The main point here is that if you feel that you want to start an over 40 jogging program, then the right thing and the smart thing to do is to correct any of the problems with the symptoms on the list first.

What To Do Before You Start An Over 40 Jogging Program

After you do that, then plan ahead and be smart. Here’s a short list of what you should have completed before you start that jogging program:

  1. Support Your Feet

Feet SupportBuy a brand new pair of running shoes and replace the orthotics in them. You’ll need the orthotics to properly support your feet. This prevents injuries.

  1. Support Your Body’s Nutritional Needs

Get your nutritional needs figured out from a very smart nutritionist. You will want to find out what exactly your body needs, and not what most people your age need.

There’s a big difference and many nutritionists don’t have a method to determine what your body actually needs. If this is the case, go elsewhere.

Silica Complex3. Support Your Connective Tissue

Begin boosting your ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles with silica. This supplement is absolutely essential to prevent injuries of the connective tissue and it will save you a lot of pain.

It’s estimated that most of us are deficient in dietary silica because the element has been stripped out of our foods.

  1. Water And More Water

Hydrate yourself. If you’re only drinking 2 quarts water, boost the level up to 3 quarts a day. You must be hydrated; it prevents injuries.

  1. Make A Plan For The Lactic Acid Buildup

Have a plan of what you’re going to take when you get tired after over 40 jogging workouts. Will you take an herbal concoction or antioxidants? Know and get ready for some tiredness.

If you follow these steps your over 40 jogging program should go well. But if not, the best of luck to you, and get some books to read while you’re home suffering from injuries!

source :  How To Start Running At 40 And Beyond: 22 Expert Tips

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