Must-Have Foods For Those Over 40

Must-Have Foods For Those Over 40

As you approach the age of 40 and beyond, taking a good look at your current diet approach and then making some smart adjustments will be imperative to staying healthy and looking your best.

Now more than ever it’s going to be vital that you’re paying close attention to all the foods you’re consuming because this will make a really big difference on how you feel throughout the day as well as whether or not you stay resistant to body fat gain.

Getting in high quality nutrition is going to help to reduce your risk of developing disease, help ensure you maximize your energy levels to get through the day, help promote a greater overall reduction in hunger, and help you build muscle if you’re performing any type of workout program as well.

Choosing the top foods for those over 40 to include in your weekly diet plan will be the first step to take when designing a proper diet set-up.
By eliminating some of the less than healthy choices and instead substituting in some of the healthier options, you can ensure that you’re taking one step forward on your journey to wellness.

Let’s have a quick look at the must-have foods for those who are over 40.


SalmonThe very first of the foods that you should be eating if you’re over 40 as a regular part of your diet is salmon. Salmon is going to be great because it’s a rich source of protein as well as being high in essential fatty acids.

These fatty acid will help to improve your heart health, increase cognitive function, help reduce the risk of cancer, and help to keep your body leaner overall.

Many adults over 40 aren’t taking in enough omega fats each day so salmon can really help to boost your intake. Salmon is also one of the fishes that’s lower in overall mercury content, which also makes it a perfect choice to add into your diet plan.


Flax SeedThe second food that you must make sure you’re eating on your diet for those over 40 is flaxseeds. Flaxseeds are great since they’re high in fiber and also high in those omega fats we just mentioned.

While you definitely also want to include other sources of healthy fats in your diet as well such as nuts and nut butters, flaxseeds can be the perfect stand in for when you need a break from these foods.

They work excellent sprinkled over a bowl of oatmeal, mixed into a fruit smoothie, or just tossed on top of a salad.


BrocolliBroccoli is one vegetable that really offers stand-out benefits that you must be making use of in your diet. Broccoli goes will with so many different dishes and can be prepared any number of ways. This vegetable is very rich in antioxidant content and will also pack in plenty of vitamin C, K, and A.

One cup is all it takes to get well over 100% of your total daily recommendation for vitamin C and K, making it a perfect pick for those who want to encourage a healthy immune system.


BlueberriesBlueberries are another food that will be a must have in your diet on a regular basis. When it comes to top notch disease protection, blueberries really can’t be beat.

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They contain a certain antioxidant that’s referred to as anthocyanidins, which will help to reduce the risk of a number of conditions such as glaucoma, varicose veins, peptic ulcers, heart disease, as well as cancer.

Blueberries are also going to help to support a healthy vascular system while improving the capillary system in the body.

Getting in blueberries each day provides far greater cardiovascular support compared to drinking red wine, which many older adults do to promote heart health, so that’s something to really consider.

Greek Yogurt

Greek YogurtGreek yogurt is the next food topping our list of must-have items on your diet plan. Getting sufficient calcium during these later years will keep your bones in top shape and Greek yogurt is also packed with protein content.

Most older adults don’t drink enough milk on a daily basis and if you’re turned off by the texture of cottage cheese, this makes Greek yogurt the perfect stand-in.

Greek yogurt is far superior to the other fruit flavoured varieties out there to add to your diet because it doesn’t contain nearly the same sugar content these other beverages do.


BlackberriesAnother fruit that you’ll want to consider adding to your regular meal plan is blackberries.

Like blueberries, blackberries are also great for their antioxidant protection but to add to that, they’re also stand-out for their high fiber content.

Eating sufficient levels of fiber as you get older will go a long way towards making sure your digestive system stays in top working order, so is something to focus on.

At over seven grams per cup serving, these make it easy to meet your needs.

Lean Steak

Lean steakFinally, the last food to have in your diet every so often is lean steak. Some adults over forty choose to avoid red meat as well, thinking it’s too high in saturated fat and cholesterol and will only promote heart disease.

But, if you really focus on choosing wisely lean red meat isn’t all that high in saturated fat content at all, and if you opt for grass fed beef, you’ll actually get very healthy CLA as well.

This is an important compound that can help with fat burning in the body, so could potentially fend off the weight gain that tends to come on as you age.

Lean steak will also provide your body with a good dose of iron as well, which is important for preventing anemia and for maintaining higher overall energy levels.

So there you have the main facts to know about what foods you should be eating with your meal plan.


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