Are You Eating An Aging Diet? 10 Foods That Will Age You Before Your Time

Are You Eating An Aging Diet? 10 Foods That Will Age You Before Your Time

Since the beginning of time, there have been thoughts about aging food, anti-aging foods, and an aging diet.

People noticed that they felt better when they ate certain foods and linked other foods to the onset of illness.

The kings, queens and other members of royal families throughout time were given the best of foods and the best of the wines, water, and spices so they could live a long life.

They even had servants who tasted their food and water to make sure that they weren’t poisoned. The kings’ servants spent time determining what were aging foods and what were anti-aging foods.

As civilization progressed, little communities were known for their longevity and their resistance to disease.
Often these were people who lived in the mountains who had free access to pure, running water and lived a hard life, farming the land for whatever they could get out of it.

With the progression of medical science and millions of research studies into what an aging diet and anti-aging foods look like, we now have the knowledge to get results in our own lives.

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Although scientists still don’t agree with each other 100% about examples of an aging food is – or what examples of anti-aging foods are, there is enough of a consensus on what you can personally eat or not eat to stay young-looking.

Who Will Live Longer? You Decide

Here’s an example of that controversy, which has shifted into the public.

Have you ever seen the viral email about the difference between two 51-year-old women?

Two 51 year olds

One woman is a very beautiful Italian woman, a cooking expert who eats meat, butter and desserts, with dark, laughing, fun eyes, about 30 pounds overweight. She looks like she would be fun at a party and quite radiant.

The other woman is blond haired, blue-eyed, and a skinny vegetarian about 15 pounds underweight. She looks old because her skin tone is sagging and lots of wrinkles. She is a TV health guru who advocates a holistic lifestyle, avoids yeast and breads, meats, and pasta.

The email implies that going the healthy route is not one of avoiding breads, meats, and pasta, or even calories and that you can eat whatever you want and it won’t be an aging diet.

Although we know now that you don’t need to fear saturated fat anymore unless you binge on these anti-aging foods, we do know that a healthy lifestyle means skimping on calories at least a few days a week.

Staying within your ideal body weight is helpful because you not only look good, but you feel better, move better and have a healthier immune system.

What Your Eyes See May Not Be Real For Determining Longevity

The myth of the email is that just by looking at someone you can determine their health status, and how long they will live.

The old-looking woman could have beat cancer, a life of drugs and alcohol, and several debilitating diseases and came out ahead. Unfortunately along the way, she looked old.

The younger looking woman could die tomorrow with a heart attack or receive a diagnosis of breast cancer in a few weeks.

What we can count on is that how we go into the older years is dependent on our habits right now.

Eating healthy foods – anti-aging foods – instead of an aging diet will give us an edge but that edge is only to be compared to ourselves, not other people.

With that in mind, here is a list of 10 aging foods to eliminate from your diet because they will age you before your time.

10 Aging Foods To Always Avoid

  1. Seed Oils Are ‘Seedy’!
    Seed oils, such as corn oil, vegetable oil, sunflo
    wer seed oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil, and other seed oils are high in polyunsaturated fats, which are a culprit in arteriosclerosis, rapid aging and cancer.

The biggest problem with them is that they contain oxidized fats. You’re safer to eat a handful of nuts than to cook with oils and add oils on your salads.

  1. Sweets Aren’t So Sweet For You!

Many of us love a little sweet here and there.

But when that sweet is associated with the rapid accumulation of advanced glycation endproducts, or AGEs, which cause proteins to form twisted, useless strands in each tissue in the body, we have to ask ourselves what is truly important in life.

Certainly one little cookie won’t cause senility, but who can stop at one little cookie?

  1. Rancid Food Of Any Kind Equals Aging

The longer a prepared food sits in the refrigerator or at room temperature, the more that food is decomposing.

In the process of decomposition, many compounds are produced, which can be linked with ill health. Don’t eat old food!

  1. Fruit And Vegetables That Are Spoiling

Spoiling produce is a source of molds and fungi. Although the process of spoiling is ‘natural’, molds and fungi have been linked to the production of cancer and other diseases.

If you can see mold on a food, the mold count is too high for you to consume it. Throw it away.

  1. Nuts With Obvious Molds On Them

Just as fruits and vegetables can and will get moldy and spoil, the same is true for nuts.

Peanuts are notorious for their higher levels of Aspergillus mold. This mold causes the production of aflatoxin which is linked with cancer in exceptionally small amounts.

In one study, when breast tumors were analyzed under the microscope, they were found to have a core of aflatoxin. The body was exposed to too much of it at one time and tried to surround it, forming a tumor.

  1. Too Many Carbohydrate Foods During A Meal

Pigging out on carbs during a meal will make you tired for a reason – these foods are aging you!

Stop eating so many of them at one meal. Limit yourself to two carb servings per meal.

  1. Too Many Carbohydrate Foods During the Day

If you’re good and limit your carbs to two servings per meal, you can still overdo it for the day!

Loading up on even more carbs in between meals can give you 120 grams carbs in your diet or more, risking high blood sugar levels.

  1. Puffed Foods Will Puff You Up

Puffed foods are foods like rice cakes, puffed corn and puffed rice cereals.

When tested by Glycemic Index scientists, these foods had a Glycemic Index close to or exceeding 100. This means that they shot the blood sugar levels up after they were eaten.

High blood sugar levels mean that the sugar has to go somewhere in the body, and it does – it gets deposited in the organs. This renders the proteins in those organs useless.

  1. Boxed Cereals Leave You Fighting For Life!

Boxed cereals are notorious for their high Glycemic Indexes. It’s best to do without them!

Eat real oatmeal, not processed oats or quick-cooking oats.

Quick-cooking oats cook quickly because the oats have been broken down to smaller particles. Small particles means higher blood sugar levels, too.

  1. Quick Meats Quicken Your Death

Hot dogs and salami, cold cuts and processed meats are highly processed, and contain a high level of AGEs that contribute to aging.

source : 10 Foods That Support Healthy Aging

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