How To Erase The Fear Of Cancer If You’re Over 40

How To Erase The Fear Of Cancer If You’re Over 40

The fear of cancer is not often found in people until they hit the age of 40.

Then, every year, it seems to worsen as friends are diagnosed with cancer or start dropping dead of other diseases.

There’s nothing like watching someone go through the dying process that makes us consider our own mortality.

And that’s not all. If someone has suffered from a bout of cancer, then there’s the fear of cancer recurrence. And cancer and depression go hand in hand.

Don’t Waste Time With Positive Thinking: It Won’t Be Enough

Isn’t it time for you to overcome the fear of cancer? It can’t be done by programming yourself with positive words. Instead you have to do it by taking positive actions.
What are some of the positive actions you need to take to overcome cancer phobia or carcinophobia?

Carcinophobia is the fear that something you eat, breathe, or drink is going to cause cancer because it contains carcinogens.

Below is a list of 5 suggestions that will help you in many ways to erase the fear of cancer.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Cancer

  1. Always Consider Your Environment

Supefund SiteThis suggestion is one of the most important. Before moving to a new home, you must check out the history of the area.

Has it been affected by a flood at any time? If so, the chance is good that your home can be affected with toxic mold any time there is water damage.

The worst part of this is that toxic mold destroys the immune system and is associated with cancer.

So don’t walk into a potentially carcinogenic situation. Being cautious doesn’t make you carcinophobic; it keeps you safe.

Don’t move to an area that has been within 8 miles of a Superfund toxic dump site, no matter how cheap it is to live there. Money means nothing to you if you are on your death bed.

Do your research as many of the military bases have been declared a Superfund site or are highly contaminated. Again, don’t walk into a potentially carcinogenic situation.

Interview potential neighbors. Did anyone in the neighborhood have cancer? If the neighborhood is contaminated, several people will have been diagnosed with cancer.

  1. Set Up Regular Detox Programs For Yourself

Detox ProgramThe body needs to be detoxified regularly since we are living in a world that is 100 times more toxic than in our grandparents’ time. That toxicity level was reported by the Centers for Disease Control.

Detoxification removes the potentially carcinogenic compounds in the body and leaves us with a clean body on the inside.

When you detox your colon, liver, kidneys and blood, you feel cleaner.

And when you feel cleaner, something else happens – you don’t have thoughts about cancer – or fear of cancer or fear of cancer recurrence.

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Thoughts about cancer rarely happen in someone who doesn’t have cancer.

Now you could have a fear of cancer so badly that these thoughts arise, but you’ll be surprised about how detoxification using herbs for cleansing the internal organs for six weeks each goes far to remove these thoughts.

Is detox all just hocus pocus? Maybe the body gives us little clues that cancer is starting with a random thought here and there.

So do cleanse the body regularly and you’ll not only feel your health soar, but also eliminate thoughts about the fear of cancer.

  1. Take Your Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplement

It’s a known fact that dietary deficiencies of vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, Vitamin D and other important nutrients for your health will cause cancer.

Every cancer patient should have a complete blood and hair analysis of their nutrient levels, yet this is rarely done.

If you have a fear of cancer recurrence, restore all your nutrient levels and watch the magic return to your health and how you feel.

Take your dietary supplements and don’t miss a day. For many people, it is that easy.

  1. Juice, Drink Smoothies And Eat Plenty Of Vegetables

Juice Smoothies

Juicing and smoothies and eating plenty of vegetables are the #1 health habit that is associated with preventing cancer.

Are you doing enough of these habits? If not, get on it.

Juicing provides plenty of enzymes that your body needs to take care of some health problems that lead to cancer.

Smoothies provide plenty of fiber that keeps your colon free of cancer.

And eating plenty of vegetables provides you with much needed vitamins, minerals, and fiber as well as enzymes. You can’t do without it, so get on it!

source :  How to Stop the Fear of Cancer in Its Tracks

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