5 Ways How To Prevent Over 40 Changes From Becoming Over 80 Changes

5 Ways How To Prevent Over 40 Changes From Becoming Over 80 Changes

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Once you look in the mirror and see those over 40 signs of aging – potbelly, wrinkles and jowls, added weight gain, and lost waist from youth, it’s a real shocker.

The defining moment is one where everything shifts in your consciousness.

You can’t see yourself as that sexy man or sexy woman anymore. You know the truth.

However, it’s not so much that defining moment that is most important anymore.

What you think from on out is more important. The goal is how to prevent over 40 changes from becoming over 80 changes.

The Difference Between An 80-Year-Old And A 40-Year-Old

As we age, we can expect changes.

The effects of gravity start to take its toll and new stresses that we have suffered in life recently add to those we have endured.

Stress shows on our face. It has been said that a man’s face is the sum of all his struggles and wins over the obstacles he faced in life.

If we are bearing a lot of financial burdens, we look it. Our posture shows us hunched, unable to support the cares of the world.

Our walk shows it and we may shuffle along slowly, also bothered by hip problems, knee problems, back problems, or feet problems.

The mind of an 80-year-old is generally slower than that of a 40-year-old; however, there are some exceptionally bright 80-year-olds who are wittier than those in their 20s.

Lung capacity has declined, heart function may be more compromised; all these depend on the health status of the person. Has degenerative disease moved into the body?

Is there diabetes, neurological disorders, or cancer? Is there arthritis and digestive disorders?

In today’s society, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have at least one major disease and is on at least one major prescription medication. The norm is to find an 80-year-old who takes 5 medications and is battling at least three different diseases.

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How To Prevent Over 40 Changes From Becoming Over 80 Changes

Despite this decline that is seen in our society, it’s possible to prevent the over 40 changes. Below are 5 suggestions on how to accomplish this.

  1. No More Lack Of Exercise

Over 40 ToningThe quickest way to look old is to move like an older person who is racked with arthritis. What will you do to get your joints moving?

Really, it all starts with commitment to stretch and commitment to move in exercise. Pay careful attention to the exercise you select.

For example, tennis may be fun, but it’s a one-sided sport. Bicycling may be easy on your joints but if you’re hunched over on the bike, your muscles will remember to be hunched over when you’re off the bike.

Select exercise that will be good for your physique so that you can present a good picture of virility and strength to the world, such as bodybuilding or swimming.

You must also see a chiropractor who can mobilize your spine. You need this type of professional health care to free up your range of movement.

Don’t be afraid of chiropractors moving your joints; be more afraid of what lack of motion is doing to you.

  1. You Must Detox

Detox DietDetoxifying from the inside out clears out the accumulated waste matter. You’ll need to start with a 6-week detox for the colon, followed by 6-weeks for the liver, kidney and blood.

These are simple things to do because basically all you do is take some herbal capsules three times a day and record it on your calendar when you start and when you finish. Your body does the rest of the work.

These simple detoxes will leave you with more vitality, more energy, more restoration and you’ll lose a little weight, too.

  1. Who’s On Your Massage Team?

A chiropractor can adjust your spine, restoring the motion, but a massage therapist is as good as gold to get the kinks out of your muscles.

The more kinks you have in your muscles, the more you will look like an 80-year-old. Schedule at least 2 sessions a week for the first three weeks, then drop down to once a week after that.

  1. Eat Only The Best Food Available For Your Budget

What goes into your mouth ends up forming your tissues and organs. Go for the best. Include at least 8 servings of vegetables a day.

This may seem like a lot but you would still be nowhere near the 17 vegetables a day that the Japanese eat.

  1. Learn Something New Each Day

Reading BookKeeping your mind nimble is especially important for everyone in order to prevent over 40 changes. Dementia is no picnic for the person who has it or their family members.

Crossword puzzles may be thought of as good, but there’s nothing better than reading three books on a topic. Expand your knowledge base. You do want people to come to you for wisdom when you’re 80, right?

You can prevent over 40 changes from becoming over 80 changes. But don’t wait. Get started now.

source : It’s Never Too Late: Five Healthy Steps at Any Age

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