Youthful Body In 60 Days: Over 40 Weight Lift Guide

Youthful Body In 60 Days: Over 40 Weight Lift Guide

Over 40 Muscle Body

Yes, it’s true. In only 60 days, this over 40 weight lift guide can sculpt your body.

Based on dozens of interviews with professional weight lifters and bodybuilders, this article gives you the meat of the how-to’s.

Here’s what to do week by week.

Prior To Starting Your Exercising
What to do:

  1. Measure And Record Get out the tape measure and the camera. As much as you don’t like to do this, it has to be done.
    Remember that no one is going to see these except you – unless you want someone to see them. However, the key is that you must wear something that is not only skimpy but something that you think looks good.
  2. Prime The Pump

Multivitamin CentrumStart taking an excellent multivitamin and extra antioxidants. Your body will be burning oxygen faster than it has in awhile once you start working out. You’ll need plenty of antioxidants to combat this.

How much to take really depends on your vitamin and mineral status, so do get a checkup and ask your doctor to order tests for iron, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin D along with a complete CBC (complete blood cell count) and chemistry screen.

If you can find a practitioner who runs a hair analysis, you’ll be better off than without one.

Week 1. Get Re-Acquainted With The Health Club
Now it’s time to get reacquainted with the health club.

1) On Monday, choose 5 exercise machines that work out major muscle groups of the body.

For example, rowing machines work your back, chest and arms. Seated squats work your calves, legs, and lower back.

Work out on these machines but only do 2 sets of 10 to 12 reps at a very low weight that won’t hurt you in any way. When you leave the gym, you should feel as if you are wondering why you went there in the first place.

2) On Wednesday, do 3 sets of those same exercises with 10-12 reps per set.

3) On Friday, do 4 sets of those same exercises with a low weight and 10 to 12 reps per set.

4) This week if you had been doing cardio before starting week 1, continue it. If not, don’t add cardio but do take your supplements.

Week 2. Time To Get Serious About This Over 40 Weight Lift Guide
Now that your body has the message that you will be working out again and it doesn’t hurt, it’s time to start to make more progress.

Mix Weights1) On Monday, do 5 sets of those same exercises from Week 1, but this time do 2 sets of 12 repetitions at a lower weight, then raise the weight for the next set and only do 10 reps.

The 4th set should be a higher weight again with 8 reps. And the last set is a higher weight with 6 reps. Do this with every one of the 5 machines.

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2) On Wednesday, repeat what you did on Wednesday.

3) On Friday, see if you can raise the weight to a higher level on 2 to 3 of the machines, following the same workout schedule.

4) Add two 20-minute cardio workouts during the week on either Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday with interval training built into it.

For example, if you’re riding a stationery bike, sprint for at least one full minute three to four times during the 20 minutes.

Week 3-8. Here’s Where You’ll See Results With This Guide

Weight Plates Load1) On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you’ll alternate upper and lower body workouts. Monday is upper body and Wednesday is lower body, etc.

Each workout is 5 sets. Choose 5 exercise machines for the lower or upper body for the workout, hitting all major muscle groups for the part of the body you are exercising.

2) The first set is a very low weight with 12 repetitions. The second set adds a little weight for a 60% of maximum lift with 10 repetitions.

The third set is at 75% of your maximum lift with 8 reps. The fourth set is 85%-100% of your maximum reps. The 5th set is back down to 60 to 75% of maximum reps for 12 reps.

3) Do cardio interval training only for 20 minutes and only on the days off from weight lifting. Enjoy the rest of your day.

4) Add a low calorie, low Glycemic index 600-800 calorie diet high in protein (80-100 grams protein or more) during this time if you have to lose weight or want to reduce fat.

After the 8 weeks, you are ready for the tape measure again. And you will be so surprised at your progress as fat comes off stubborn areas and your body is literally remodeled before your very eyes.

With this over 40 weight lift guide, you’ll be ready for the beach in no time at all.

source :  The New Rules of Over-40 Lifting

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