Over 40 Hormones: Increase Testosterone Naturally

Over 40 Hormones: Increase Testosterone Naturally

What Happens To The Over 40 Hormones – And Your Life

Men, if you’re concerned that you are losing your manhood and that you are suffering from the Over 40 Hormones syndrome, it’s time to get your testosterone levels checked.

But there’s a potential problem that could happen if you do get your over 40 hormones checked – the doctor may say you are in the normal range and not want to do anything about it.

That means you end up suffering all the usual symptoms that occur when the over 40 hormones start dwindling:

  • decrease in endurance during sexual intercourse
  • muscles of the penis seem to have disappeared
  • pubic hair disappearing
  • lack of energy
  • depression or anxiety
  • development of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer
  • failing memory
  • insomnia

This list is a pretty big list and if you’re suffering from four or more of the symptoms, you already know that something major is wrong with your health. It could be something as simple as low testosterone.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you’re a man who has his over 40 hormones dwindling to next to nothing. It happens all the time.

The Problem At The Doctor’s Office With Over 40 Hormones

Doctor ShrugBut back to that potential problem that could happen if you go to your doctor. Well it seems that quite a few docs really haven’t been keeping up with the other Dr. Joneses and that means they’re not going to diagnose you correctly.

Your testosterone level range on the blood test is 241 to 847 ng/dl. So if you end up with a level of 260 ng/dl, the doctor will say yep, you definitely need some testosterone.

But if you have a level of 379 ng/dl, then you’re on the way down, down, down to hormone hell, and you most likely feel the symptoms surrounding you and practically burying you in the grave already. Meanwhile, your doctor says, “Nope, levels are normal so you can go home.”

This means it’s time to fire the doctor and get another. Your present doctor may just be one of those young bucks straight out of medical school who has no concept yet what it’s like to live without your partner in health and life – testosterone.

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You feel the withdrawal symptoms and you’re giving him all the right information. Your doctor just isn’t making the connection.

This Isn’t The Only Hormone That Can Be Problematic

The same thing happens with vitamin D levels. The range is 30 to 100 ng/dl and if someone comes up with a level of 42, the doctor says they are okay.

This is far from the truth. A level of 42 means the person is on the way down, down, and down to deficiency levels and is feeling the big drain already.

QuestionWhere Should Your Levels Be?

But doctors have this idea that once someone is in the normal range, they can and will do nothing until the level falls out of the normal zone. It’s crazy!

Are you supposed to suffer until it gets to below normal? How happy is your wife going to be about that?

What about the decline in your work performance? What about in your lack of passion and zest for life? How long does your family have to suffer watching you suffer?

Generally there are symptoms of testosterone deficiency in anything less than 400 ng/dl on that normal scale. The fact is that there’s a world of difference in how you feel with your over 40 hormones at a level of 400 compared to when your level is 700. Aim for 700 ng/dl.

And that’s why you really have to seek out a doctor who truly knows what he’s doing with hormone replacement. You’ll need a test for not only testosterone levels, but also free testosterone levels.

Next StepHow To Boost Your Over 40 Hormones Naturally

So here are some natural steps you can take to boost your testosterone levels:

  1. Eat a higher protein diet.
  2. Eat the veggies that remove excess estrogens from your body.
  3. Take vitamin C supplements

Forget the idea that supplements won’t ever help you. Vitamin C helps you increase testosterone levels.

  1. Take a zinc supplement.

Deficiency of this mineral can cause low levels of testosterone. It’s plain and simple.

  1. Take a vitamin A, B and E supplement.

The production of testosterone depends on these vitamins, too.

  1. Get a good night of sleep every night.

This will boost your levels by about 30% in the morning, a pretty substantial increase. If your level is at 350 now, you’ll be at 455 tomorrow morning.

Amino Acid D Aspartate7. Try the amino acid D-aspartate.

Some men swear by this one supplement. A sex hormone journal even reported that 3 grams – or 3000 mg of this supplement every morning boosted testosterone by – are you ready for this – 40%!

Whoa! That means if you get a good night of sleep AND you take this amino acid, you’re at a level of 595 ng/dl. Get out the love lotions…

When you get your over 40 hormones checked, do make sure you mention to the doctor that you also want DHEA, cortisol, and insulin levels taken as well.

source :  8 Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

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