The Advantages Of Sunlight In Those Over 40

The Advantages Of Sunlight In Those Over 40

Before you agree to those extra long hours at work during spring and summer months, consider the benefits you would receive from the sun, especially if you’re over 40.

Sunlight has huge rewards for your health.

First of all, being out in the sunlight improves your mood psychologically.

Don’t you feel much better when you have spent several hours outside whether it’s gardening, skateboarding, driving on a coastline highway, or just observing life at the beach or on a hike?

QuestionHow Sunlight Restores Circadian Rhythms

This good feeling after being out in the sunshine isn’t something that is all in your head, a figment of your imagination. It may have to do with the effect on melatonin levels which helps regulate your sleep and waking cycles.

We always feel better if we got a restful night of sleep. The light that is absorbed through the cells of your eyes is indirectly responsible for melatonin production in the body.
Normal melatonin levels are also linked with lower rates of cancer, better moods, and the ability to get back on track with your sleep cycles when you have been traveling in different time zones.

Eight Big Advantages Of Sunlight (And Vitamin D From The Sun)
There are other effects from the vitamin D itself that make you feel better.

  1. Better Immunity

Immune SystemVitamin D boosts your immune system. It therefore can help you ward off infectious organisms.

This is helpful to those over the age of 40 because as you get older, it gets more and more difficult to ward off infections. Many people start experiencing more incidences of the flu and colds or they last longer.

They may start to develop tooth infections or nail infections or even athlete’s foot. All these infections are a sign that the immune system needs a little boost. And why not get a boost from a little sunshine?

  1. Less Obesity

High vitamin D levels – thus more sunshine – is inversely related to obesity. That means that the more time you spend outside in the sun, the less your chance for obesity.

Once over 40, it’s thought to be more difficult to keep the weight off and keep weight within normal zones.

  1. Less Heart Disease

Heart Medical TestMore sunshine and higher vitamin D levels also mean lower rates of heart disease. This is a great thing to know since no one wants to go down for the count clutching the chest.

Once over 40, the reality of heart disease starts hitting home hard, especially when friends and family members start discussing their high cholesterol levels and start having heart attacks.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

More sunshine and higher vitamin D levels can mean fewer problems with high blood pressure.

This may seem a little strange but there have been cases where patients with high blood pressure were found to have very low levels of vitamin D. After given an injection of the vitamin, the patient’s blood pressure went down to normal.

Once over 40, high blood pressure is a lot more common than it was at younger ages.

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Part of this may be due to a higher consumption of salt, but nonetheless, if high blood pressure can be prevented by higher exposures to sunshine, why not do it?

  1. Less Cancer

Cancer FreeMore sunshine and higher vitamin D levels can also mean less risk to develop cancer.

This seems like a total oxymoron. Sunlight causes cancer, right? Well, that’s what some experts say while others contest the statement.

If sunlight caused cancer, then why is it that some people develop cancer on parts of the skin that never saw sunlight? This answer is yet to be answered.

Most cancers start hitting hard after the age of 40. Breast and prostate cancer are unusual before the age of 40. Melanomas are seen in those with increasing age.

And other forms of cancer such as liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer and even kidney/bladder cancers hit after the age of 40.

  1. Less Manifestation Of Disease

Vitamin D also helps reset the genes that have been turned on which cause over 300 diseases. Who wouldn’t feel better while their cells are resetting themselves on a genetic basis?

Being prone to develop degenerative disease quicker after the age of 40, the added vitamin D from sunshine can literally be saving grace.

Bones Calcium7. Calcium Absorption Increases

The sunshine helps you better absorb calcium. When calcium is absorbed, your bones and joints feel better.

Most people don’t get enough calcium in their diet as is. Once they’re over 40 though, it’s the time to pay up for sins of the past.

Low bone density or osteoporosis – brittle bones- is the result. The sunshine helps keep the bones strong.

  1. Feeling Better Socially

Most people feel better when their skin is at least slightly tanned. The tanning is associated with the social perception that a person is healthier than being stark white.

This social perception may go back decades when people used to hit the beaches for vacations and times prior to that when only the rich could afford winter vacations in sunny locations.

If you feel better when your skin is slightly tanned, then it makes all the world of a difference. Happy moods are equivalent to happy cells. Happy cells act healthier than unhappy cells in someone who is depressed.

If you’re over 40, you really do want to get a fair amount of sunlight. It brightens your day in many ways.

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