Skin Care for 40’s to 50’s

Skin Care for 40’s to 50’s

Prepare For The Inevitable…
We all get older eventually – it’s inevitable so the way forward is to maintain a positive attitude.

There is much to celebrate about getting older and by your 40s you should be happier with yourself and have confidence in your abilities.

In your early 40s the signs of skin aging begin to appear with fine lines and wrinkles becoming more apparent and your skin may seem less firm than it once was.

Radiance also begins to diminish in skin over 40 and you may miss that glow you used to have.

However don’t give up just yet! There is still a great deal you can do for over 40 skin to ensure that you will look good for your age as the years continue to go by.
Skin In Your 40s
During your 40s your skin undergoes huge changes as your hormone levels change in preparation for the menopause that usually begins in the late 40s.

The hormone estrogen begins to decline during your 40s and this can have an effect on the thickness and suppleness of your skin. You may notice that your skin becomes thinner and drier as collagen levels and the production of elastin fibers decrease. This causes wrinkles and also leads to lack of tone and common problems like a sagging jaw line.


Men often appear to age more slowly than women and signs of aging to the face may not be apparent in the early 40s, however by the mid 40s men may begin to notice deeper lines appearing on the forehead and around the eyes.

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The frown lines between the eyes may begin to deepen and the nasolabial lines on either side of the mouth can begin to show. Sagging and slackening may also be apparent on the lower part of the face. Eye bags may begin to form and loose skin along the eyelids may occur.

Men And Women

During your 40s your lymphatic system begins to slow down. Lymph drainage is the process that occurs when your body rids itself of toxins and during your 40s this process begins to slow down as the elastic fibers that support the lymph glands become less effective.

This can make the face look puffy especially around the cheeks and under the eyes.

Skin in your 40s also produces less sebum. Sebum acts as a protective layer and as this diminishes you become more prone to skin damage from environmental factors such as smoky environments or air pollution.

Time For A Change

For many people turning 40 marks the start of a new beginning. Many individuals realize that it is more important than ever to look after their health and their skin if they want to remain in the best shape they can as they age.

Looking after your skin is important now and although the telltale signs of damage caused in your 20s and 30s may be showing you can take steps to ensure that you do not damage your skin further.

You don’t have to resort to costly cosmetic procedures or spend a fortune on expensive skincare products that make great claims…no product can fully reverse the signs of aging. There is much that can be done for over 40 skin naturally and by making a few simple lifestyle changes.

The following are some helpful skincare tips for men and women aged 40-50.

  1. Eat Healthily

Eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of the healthy fats found in oily fish, unsalted nuts and seeds. These foods help to lubricate the skin from within.

You may be tempted to cut out fat from your diet to manage the problem of weight gain as you age and cutting out unhealthy unsaturated fats is a good idea. However your skin needs good fats to remain healthy and fresh looking.

Also include plenty of vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables, as these tend to contain high levels of vital antioxidants that are essential for healthy skin. Good choices include strawberries, blueberries, cherries, prunes, spinach, tomatoes and beets.

  1. Hydrate From Within

Keeping your skin hydrated helps to prevent dry skin. Drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water per day will keep your body and your skin adequately hydrated.

Water helps to maintain the lipid barrier that protects the skin from environmental damage and can help to hold off the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Change Your Skincare Routine

What worked for you in your 20s and 30s may no longer work for you in your 40s. Avoid using products that are formulated for oily skin as these will now be too harsh and astringent and can dry your skin out even more.

Use moisturizer every day both day and night to keep your skin hydrated on the outside. Choosing gentle products is the best way forward and try to use skincare moisturizers and cleansers that contain pure, natural ingredients.

As we age less is more when it comes to what we put onto our skin.

  1. Drink Green Tea

Ordinary tea and coffee can have a dehydrating effect on the skin so swapping to green tea is an excellent choice for your overall health and the health of your skin.

Regularly drinking green tea can help to improve the condition of your skin as it contains high levels of skin-friendly anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants can help to improve wrinkles, areas of pigmentation and blemishes. What’s more green tea has been shown to help control the appetite and as weight gain can also be a part of the aging process it makes sense to enjoy green tea on a regular basis.

  1. Cover Up In the Sun

Along with smoking the sun is possibly your skin’s worst enemy and around 90% of skin damage is caused by overexposure to the suns harmful rays. Excessive sun bathing or sunbathing without using sunscreen in your 20s and 30s can really catch up with you in your 40s.

Don’t cause any more damage to your skin from the sun. Always wear a light sunscreen of around SPF 15 when you go outside even in the cooler months. Your skin will thank you for it.

Age Naturally – Age Well!

Skincare ecoverYou don’t have to resort to painful and expensive cosmetic procedures to have beautiful looking skin as you age. Who wants an unnatural looking complexion that appears frozen, waxy or stretched anyway?

Naturally Skinsational shows you how you can look after your skin by using natural anti-aging remedies from products that can be found in your own kitchen or be sourced without costing you a fortune.

With over 135 powerful skin recipes this eBook is a mine of information for anyone who wants to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

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