7 Anti-Aging Tips For The Over 40s

7 Anti-Aging Tips For The Over 40s

Want To Look Good Over 40?

There is a lot of advice out there on how to look good as you age, anti-aging hints and tips can be found in abundance that aim to show you how you can hold off the years.

However much of the advice focuses on aging prevention and is aimed at those who are still in their 20s and 30s.

But what about if you are over 40? Or well beyond 40?

By your 40s some of the damage you have done to your skin will begin to show up on your face and body.

If you spent your younger years tanning, smoking and enjoying the odd alcoholic drink or two these articles can make you feel like it’s all too late.
But don’t worry – if you’re over 40 all is not lost!

For certain you cannot reverse all the damage caused to your skin and body by 20 years of living life to the full if that’s what you’ve done but there is much you can do to prevent further damage and improve the condition and texture of your skin so you’ll look good as the aging process continues.

7 Effective Anti-Aging Tips For The Over 40s

Those 3 golden rules still apply…

Avoid tanning and always wear a high factor sunscreen
Avoid smoking
Only drink alcohol in moderation or not at all
These 3 tips will ALWAYS be the foundation of any anti-aging advice – and with good reason. There is nothing that will age your skin more than these 3 sins! It’s proven.

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However by now most people are aware of the 3 big skin no-nos. So what else can those who are over 40 do to improve the condition of their skin and hold off the dreaded wrinkles?

  1. Cleanse And Moisturize Every Morning And Every Night

It goes without saying that a good skincare routine for both men and women is the bedrock of beautiful skin.

Keeping your skin clean and hydrated from the outside will do much to improve the tone and texture of your skin and moist looking skin will help you to look younger as dry skin highlights all those fine lines and wrinkles you want to disguise.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on costly creams and cleansers either however soap is best avoided on the face. Choose a gentle cleanser to wash your face and a good moisturizer that suits your skin type.

It’s also easy enough to make your own products from natural ingredients if you want to be sure that what you are putting onto your skin is 100% natural

Most people find that their skin becomes drier as they get older so a richer moisturizer maybe more appropriate. What worked for you in your 30s may not work for you now.

However don’t confuse thick with rich. Some creams are just too heavy and will simply sit on top of the outer layer of your skin without penetrating it, these creams can leave your skin looking dull or puffy.

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Yes it’s that piece of advice that you hear over and over again but it does work! Making sure your body is adequately hydrated with water will help your skin to look smoother.

Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to make sure that your skin doesn’t become too dry. Dry and dull skin, especially on the face, is very aging.

  1. Eat Well

There are so many good reasons to eat healthily for the over 40s that it is difficult to know where to begin!

A healthy diet will help you to manage your weight and avoid certain health issues that can creep up on us as we age. Conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol are linked to diets that are high in sugars and unsaturated fats.

Over 40 is the time to really think long and hard about eating more healthily, being overweight is instantly aging and a poor diet will really start to show up on your face.

A diet that is high in fat and sugar will lead to a dull, pallid or puffy complexion.

For vibrant skin try to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, your skin will really thank and reward you for including these vitamin packed wonder foods in your daily diet.

Fruit smoothies are an excellent way to include more fruit in your diet and if you have a juicer vegetable juices make an excellent, nourishing low calorie snack or meal replacement.

  1. Re-Think Your Hairstyle And Color

It’s not just your hair that turns gray as you age – your skin pigmentation changes too. And while most over 40s don’t end up with technically gray skin many experience a ‘dulling’ of the skin.

Skin loses its brightness over time and this is unfortunately very aging. Nothing suggests youth and vitality more than vibrant, glowing skin.

The change to the color and tone of your skin may simply be Mother Nature’s way of making sure that it compliments your ‘new’ gray hair color. However lots of people, men and women, color their gray hair as a way to look younger.

This can lead to a contrast that is too harsh. The colors that suited you in your 20s and 30s may not work for your skin tone once you are over 40. So make sure that if you are coloring your hair that you choose a shade that flatters your new skin tone.

As a rule, very dark colors will not work on over 40s complexions; they will drain the face and leave you looking haggard.

If possible aim to go one shade lighter than your natural hair color as you get older. Highlights, especially around the face, also work well for older people.

Making sure you have a good haircut is paramount to the aging process, as nothing will date you more than trying to hold on to the hairstyle you had in your 20s or 30s. So why not try something new?

Many people say that women should cut their hair shorter as they age and there is something in this. Hair that has become drier or thinner because of the aging process won’t look as good as it once did if kept long.

However not every woman wants to have short hair and nor should they! Shoulder length, layered styles can be more flattering and less aging than close cut crops. So choose a style that works for you and that, most importantly, you really like.

The secret lies in finding an excellent hair stylist who understands the aging process!

  1. The Eyes Have It

One anti-aging tip for the over 40s that you may not have thought about is to make sure that you take care of your eyebrows. The eyebrows frame your face and neglecting them or over-plucking them can instantly age you.

For men, straggly overgrown or bushy eyebrows will add years to your face so make sure you keep them groomed by getting them trimmed by your barber.

For women much as overly bushy eyebrows will make you look unkempt, over plucked, thin brows are actually more aging.

As you age it is better to adopt a fuller look for the eyebrows, if you don’t have them naturally you may need to define yours with an eye pencil.

  1. Sleep Your Way To Younger Looking Skin

The term beauty sleep is not based on myth. Lack of sleep is high on the list of skin enemies that can prematurely age your skin.

We all know that we look better after a good nights sleep and that a run of late nights can leave us looking tired, droopy and haggard.

Aim to get between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night and see the results on your face – a less tired looking and more vital complexion.

  1. Try Facial Exercises

You work out the muscles of your body so why not work out the muscles of your face?

Facial exercises are an excellent way for the over 40s to improve the texture and tone of their skin.

Facial exercises work in three positive ways. First of all they can help you firm up problem areas like sagging jowls and drooping brows.

Secondly then can help to enhance facial features by working on the underlying muscles so if you want to accentuate your cheekbones or define your jaw line facial exercises can help.

Finally facial exercises, like regular bodily exercises, increase your circulation the blood flow to your skin. This has a positive effect on the tone of your skin and will help you to achieve that all-important glowing complexion that will help you stay looking youthful.

You Can Still Look Fantastic!

There’s no need to fear the aging process – it comes to us all eventually so it’s better to embrace it. And as you can see from this article there is a lot you can do to improve and revitalize the tone and texture of your skin.

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source :  7 Realistic Ways to Slow Down Ageing in Your 40s

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