The Best Exercises For Men Over 40

The Best Exercises For Men Over 40

If you’re getting ready to start up on your workout plan, one thing that you’ll definitely want to consider is the best exercises for men over 40.

While many of the exercises that this group should be doing are fairly similar to those that younger males should be, there are some key differences that you must know about.

By selecting the right combination of exercise for men over 40, you can be sure that you’re maximizing muscle growth, without putting your body at risk.

Males of this age do have slightly different hormonal environments, recovery abilities, and other related issues that can factor into workout selection, so by noting these and then formulating your plan, you can be sure that you’re on your way to success.

Let’s go over some of the important factors that need to be assessed when looking at the best exercises for men over 40 and then give you a great list of movements to choose from.

Being Aware Of Joint Pain
The very first thing to think about when designing a workout program for yourself is that now that you are older, you are at a slightly higher risk of experiencing joint related pain.

While this won’t impact all males, many of those who do have a background of quite heavy lifting or other intense physical activity pursuits behind them (such as endurance running training) could be dealing with nagging chronic injuries that don’t seem to quit.

For this reason, it’s helpful to look at a few substitutions.

For example, rather than performing full front squats, which will place a great deal of strain on the back and knees, try leg press instead.

This way you’re supported by the bench the entire way through and it’s a lot less taxing on the body. As you can still lift very heavy when doing the leg press, it won’t hinder muscle growth in any way.

Likewise, rather than doing a standing shoulder press where you’re going to experience a very high amount of tension coming down through the spinal column, consider doing a seated shoulder press instead or consider doing upright rows if you are suffering from elbow pain.

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Again, you’ll still get great strengthening benefits from both of these movements but won’t have the level of stress on the body that you would with that standing shoulder press.

It’s always important not to cut out any muscle groups from your workout plan but make minor adjustments that will keep the body safe and comfortable.

Factoring In Recovery

The next thing that you must take into account as well is your recovery ability. Many of the compound exercises will really place a high degree of stress on the CNS since you are lifting such a heavy weight and working so many muscle groups at once.

To help get around this, you may want to start doing some pre-exhaust isolation exercises first. What this means is that rather than going straight away into the bench press for instance, you should perform a few isolated chest fly’s first.

This isolation exercise will tire out the chest muscles so that when you do move to the compound lift of bench press, you require fewer overall sets to really fatigue the muscles and bring about that growth response.

You’ll still see great strength gains as you are doing the key compound lift, but the entire session won’t be quite as taxing.

Normally for men under 40 they would choose compound first and then move to isolation movements, but for selecting the best exercises for men over 40, the opposite is generally a smarter move.

Of course this doesn’t have to be the case in all situations, but for many it is. Especially when you are dealing with a chronic injury in one muscle group.

Hitting The Trouble Spots

Finally, last but not least, when thinking about the best exercises, consider your trouble spots. Typically males do tend to accumulate the most fat in the abdominal and lower back region as this is where your body naturally tends to store fat.

As such, you’ll likely want to be doing something to help you rid yourself of this. While getting down to a low body fat percentage overall is always the top way to reduce fat from the abs and ‘love handles’, you can also firm up the muscles underneath so that you look better in that area.

The plank is going to be great for this as it works the entire core as well as all the muscles that run along the spinal column as you try and maintain good balance while doing the movement.

Also remember to perform the side plank as part of your routine as well, as that will really hit those muscles on the side very well.

Another great movement for lower back fat will be weighted supermans, where you lie flat on a bench, have someone sit across your lower legs for balance, and then holding a weighted plate lower and rise back up again using the back muscles to guide you.

This is great for hitting those stubborn areas that many other exercises miss, especially if you are going to be doing more seated exercises as we mentioned above.

So there you have some of the key things to note when choosing exercise for men over 40. It’s definitely important that you do make a few adjustments to your workout routine as you go along so that you can see that much better results.

The one thing that puts a stop to many men who are seriously involved in their training is injuries, so this can help keep you injury free and ensure you stay the course.

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