Celebrity Secrets To Maintaining A Hot Body After 40

Celebrity Secrets To Maintaining A Hot Body After 40

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For years, top actors and actresses in Hollywood have held celebrity diet secrets and celebrity fitness secrets close to their hearts that they never shared.

Then something mysterious happened.

Divorce rates skyrocketed, even among religious groups of people who didn’t believe in divorce.

Possibly it was the breakdown of the family in society that led to the development of lawsuits against family members.

A son or daughter sued their parents for mismanagement of money the child earned as an actor or actress.
Another son took vengeance into his own hands and shot the mother or father to death for all the brutality that he suffered as a child.

Another daughter wrote a book on how bad Mommy Dearest really was.

As more and more of these family secrets came out into the public limelight, the philosophy to tell all seemed to spread to extended family members.

Celebrities usually had an entourage of staff with them at any time, and a butler or maid might write a book and tell all.

Secrets got out. Hollywood diet secrets of top stars, and celebrity fitness secrets of men like Arnold Schwartzaneggar, the Hulk and other top bodybuilders were shared in popular magazines.

Some of the celebrity diet secrets and workouts became well known from personal trainers of celebrities.

One personal trainer in Hollywood, Natasha Kufa, is telling all her secrets in her book released just this month. She’s the most contemporary of all those who are telling their secrets.

Google her name and find out more about how she whips the celebrity bodies into the fittest shape of their life and what celebrity diet tips she has to offer.

Celebrity Diets And Workouts: Some Don’t Diet And Workout!
Diet Fitness

And here’s one of the celebrity fitness secrets that you really need to know now if you want to get in the best shape possible with the least amount of work:

Use the Victoria Morton Suddenly Slender Body Wrap process.

Victoria Morton is an amazing woman in her own right. Now well past the age of 40 and into her 70s, Victoria still has a body of someone in their 20s.

She’s used the proprietary solution she created for the celebrities on herself for all these years. And it’s worked.

Her proprietary solution is a combination of minerals and other substances that penetrate into the skin and facilitate a detoxification to occur. When cells are detoxified, they give up their toxins.

In other words, the pesticides and chemicals we eat and breathe are trapped in our body until we physically do something to remove them.

The chemicals are associated with ill health, and the more toxic the cells become, the more sick we become.

Hollywood Celebrity Diet Secrets Are Often Ancient Detoxification Strategies
Detoxification and cleansing is a simple principle of natural health that has been identified since very early times, and early civilizations.


Japanesse and Korean women scrubbed the skin with loofahs until the skin glowed, rubbing away all old skin cells and did so on a regular basis.

When they did, people felt better and their skin breathed.

It was easier for the body to eliminate toxins once the skin was cleaned in this manner.

Celebrities have also used loofahs to get their skin looking good, but now they’ve been replaced with exfoliation treatments and microdermabrasion at the spa.

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That’s how they have always had beautiful, camera-happy skin that looks like peaches and cream.

Celebrity Fitness Secret: Carve Out A Body By Getting Mummified
Body Wrap

Victoria’s body wrap process involves soaking elastic bandages in her proprietary solution, then applying the bandages to the skin.

In other words, the person is wrapped like a mummy. During the hour or so that the bandages remain on the body, it’s important to baste the bandages with more of the proprietary solution.

When the bandages are removed, then several inches are gone from waistline, hips, legs, and arms, as the skin tightened up.

The cells that lost the toxins suddenly became skinny and so did the person. This is a natural byproduct of the detoxification process.

If you have a series of wraps before a big event such as a wedding, awards ceremony, anniversary party or school reunion, you can expect to fit into a size smaller clothes in your closet.

There have been people who signed up for weekly wraps and slowly whittled down their size for 300 pounds to 170 pounds.

Slowly they forced those toxins out of the body and began losing inches, feeling better and better, and repeating the process again and again.

It’s important to repeat the process; since we all are constantly being bombarded from the environment with chemicals, we all have to constantly detoxify. It’s just the nature of life.

Victoria Morton’s body wraps can be found online by doing a Google search for her name and the wrap. She has a franchise chain of salons that service the world.

Celebrities have used her method for decades and it works.

Over 40 ebookAnd this Hollywood celebrity diet or fitness tip will still work, whether or not Hollywood goes away.

For more info on how to improve your health over the age of 40, and how to look as good as any celebrity, see the ebook Fit Over 40 program.

source :  50 Amazing Over-40 Bodies

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