Over 40 Pregnancy Is Unsafe? Learn The Truth

Over 40 Pregnancy Is Unsafe? Learn The Truth

Bad Doctor Attitudes About Over 40 Pregnancies
About 30 years ago, if you were over 40, pregnancy was practically not an option.

You were thought of as too old to have a child.

“Your eggs are too old,” the doctors would say, and some would recommend that you should abort the baby! “You’ll have too many pregnancy complications.”

Bad Society Attitudes About Over 40 Pregnancies

If that wasn’t bad enough, an over 40 pregnancy was looked at almost like a scourge in society.
Friends would tell you that you would be the oldest mom at the playgrounds and you’d have to get along with naïve 20-year-olds having their first or second baby. You wouldn’t fit in and you’d probably be ostracized.

If that wasn’t enough grief, then you would have had to deal with people painting a picture of you with gray hair at your son or daughter’s graduation and wedding.

And you would be told that you were doing a disservice to your child because you would die before your grandchildren had a chance to know you well.

Clearly the pregnancy complications went way beyond what happened in the delivery room. Luckily over the years, all this craziness has subsided.

But what does it mean to have eggs that are too old? Can your eggs be too old? And how does this cause pregnancy complications in an over 40 pregnancy?

QuestionWhat Are Old Eggs?

As we all age, we’re subject to a process called oxidation. This is what occurs simply from breathing oxygen and it’s a part of being human. Oxidation is what happens when cars rust, too.

But in a human, the “rusting” is what is happening on the inside of you in the organs – but only if you don’t take care of yourself!

In other words, it’s entirely possible to use great care and personal hygiene to prevent this type of damage from hitting the ovaries and other organs.

Now it’s not that there are methods that will only prevent the aging of your ovaries, but the same anti-aging methods that work for your skin and the rest of your body will prevent you from aging on the inside.

If your ovaries do age, then the cells in the eggs start to develop mutations and chromosome damage. It’s this chromosome damage that doctors are worried about for your over 40 pregnancy.

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Your body can repair some chromosome damage but too much chromosome damage can accumulate and cause a Down’s syndrome baby. This is one of the “pregnancy complications” that doctors are worried about.

Over 40 Pregnancy Statistics

Over 40 Pregnancy StatisticsAccording to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, women are not believing this myth about their eggs are too old anymore.

Record numbers of women giving birth since 1968 are now recorded. Here are a few of them:

▸ In the age group of 40-44 years old, 105,071 women gave birth in 2007!
▸ In the age group of 45 to 54 years old, 7349 women gave birth in 2007!

But isn’t it funny that now doctors are saying that older women can carry pregnancies and deliver babies safely when 30 years ago, they were ready with the scalpel to cut the baby out? We’ve made some progress!

Why It’s Easier To Have A Baby Over 40

Doctors attribute this perceived safety from better medical services, more technology, and smarter doctors. But what’s really behind the increased safety, if this is a true concept?

Couldn’t it be any one of these factors:

  • Better nutrition and awareness of nutrition
  • More attention paid to anti-aging techniques
  • Soon-to-be moms are smarter after living 40 years
  • More attention paid to natural healing methods
  • Perhaps it’s not just one of these factors but a matter of the combination of all the factors – both on the mom’s part and the part of the doctors.

Pregnancy ComplicationsWhat Are The Pregnancy Complications That Can Result?
The following is a list of some potential pregnancy complications:

▸ Enlargement Of The Heart In The Mom
This pregnancy complication is found in 1 of every 1300 deliveries – not really that high of a rate.

And think about it for a moment – if your body was fit from working out, would you be prone to develop it? No! This is a complication primarily for couch potatoes.

▸ Higher Risk Of Breast Cancer
This one is directly tied to your nutritional status as we now know that over 75% of all cancers are related to nutrition, diet and lifestyle.

Selenium deficiency is related to the development of any type of cancer, not just breast cancer.

But yet, it’s a deficiency most doctors don’t look for. Just as vitamin D tests are now run on older people to detect deficiencies, selenium should also be run. Low selenium will cause cancer.

And if you’re pregnant, the baby who’s developing inside you will get the first dibbs on the nutrients in your diet and nutrient stores.

▸ Pre-Eclampsia And Gestational Diabetes
If a woman is overweight, she has a greater tendency to develop both of these. Pre-eclampsia is high blood pressure during pregnancy and it can be life-threatening.

Gestational diabetes is easily remedied by normal weight before and during pregnancy.

The fact is that if you are focused on doing everything you can to improve your health before your over 40 pregnancy, your risk of pregnancy complications is really low.

source : The Truth About Pregnancy Over 40

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