Natural Treatment For Vaginal Dryness

Natural Treatment For Vaginal Dryness

Spousal Bad Attitudes About Vaginal Dryness
Probably the most difficult part about vaginal dryness is the fact that some spouses will interpret the lack of lubrication as a lack of interest in them – or even infidelity.

They seem to believe that lubrication of the vaginal area is only due to thoughts and if the wife isn’t lubricated, she must not have a desire for her husband.

Of course, this is far from the truth.

Although lubrication can occur just from sexy thoughts, once a woman is over 40, the lubrication is more a result of the effect of estrogens on the wall of the vagina than thoughts.
Medical Vaginal Dryness Solutions Losing Favor
Therapy ReplacementWomen over 40 used to look for medical solutions for vaginal dryness – ones such as hormone therapy replacement.

But when research studies started reporting higher incidences from cancer, then many women reconsidered this as a viable choice. They didn’t want to risk their own health just to be lubricated during sexual intercourse.

In one study, the percentage of women using hormone replacement therapy was 37 percent. (Source:

And Hispanic women in the U.S. are possibly one of the most unlikely groups of women to use hormone replacement therapy. One research study found that less than 4 percent of those Hispanic women surveyed were willing to use hormone replacement therapy. (Source:

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Some of the natural solutions for menopause include ginseng, dong quai, soy, red clover, black cohosh, and evening primrose oil. (Source:

QuestionWhy Medical Solutions Will Never Include Natural Solutions
Natural treatment for vaginal dryness or most other health issues is still frowned upon by the medical profession in many cases.

Doctors believe that because dietary supplements are not subject to the same laws as prescription drugs, they can’t control the supplements.

This means that they can’t expect a certain action every time a specific supplement is taken.

Also they don’t understand the interactions between supplements and prescription drugs and are wary about side effects from herbs and nutrients both.

This is understandable since the medical philosophy is a lot different than the supportive and nutritive philosophy of alternative medicine.

Medical doctors force what they want to happen in the body while alternative practitioners provide what the body needs and patiently wait for healing to occur.

However, just as alternative medical practitioners learn all about the supplements and herbs they prescribe, the medical doctors could do the same.

Natural Solutions For Vaginal Dryness May Start With Elimination Of Certain Habits
There are six simple solutions for vaginal dryness that you can start using today. Here are a few of them:

Feminine Wash

  1. Anitbacterial Soaps And Feminine Sprays

Stop using antibacterial soaps or feminine sprays that boast odor-control. The chemicals in these could dry out genital tissues.

  1. Chlorinated Pools

Are you swimming in pools sanitized with chlorine? Chlorine is harsh on the delicate tissues of the female reproductive organs. Not only will chlorine dry your cells but it is also a potential cell disruptor.

  1. Non-Green Laundry Soaps

Chemical DetergentsThe laundry soap you use can also contribute to dryness in the area of the vagina. After washing your clothes, there are always some soap residues left in your underwear and other clothes. The residues can start an irritation in the area.

  1. Foods Can Contain Estrogens

Soy ProductsAre you eating foods that are estrogenic? Soy is the most estrogenic and your body recognizes the natural estrogens in foods, using them to your advantage. Nuts, legumes, apples, cherries and celeries may also help.

  1. Water

Are you dehydrated? Drinking enough water all day long is essential to your body’s ability to secrete its own lubrication. If you are drinking coffee or alcohol, you end up depleting your own body’s water reserves.

  1. Prescription Medications

Are you taking antihistamine medications? These are one of the worst offenders for drying out the vaginal tissues.

  1. Essential Fats

Omega 3Are you getting enough omega 3 fats? These fats pump up the outside of the cells making them resistant to breakdown by microbes.

When you’re over 40, all these six factors can add up and contribute to vaginal dryness. Work on eliminating as many of these factors as you can and then retest your vaginal dryness. You may be surprised at what you find.

source :  Natural Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy

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