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This One Factor Can Determine Your Sexual Enjoyment In Midlife

This One Factor Can Determine Your Sexual Enjoyment In Midlife

What do you think would be the one factor that can determine your enjoyment during sex over 40?

Which Are Possible Interferences With Sexual Enjoyment?
Would it be any of these:

  • Knowing that you can’t get pregnant (what a relief after having four or more children!)
  • Ideal body weight (no embarrassment during intercourse)
  • Hot, sexy younger partner
  • Being employed in a good, steady job
  • Having the best health you can have for your age
  • Not taking any prescription medications
  • Not being overwhelmed by too many personal responsibilities
  • Being on vacation
  • Having a great social support system in one’s life
  • Having a higher sense of purpose in life
  • Presence or absence of menopausal symptoms
  • Economic conditions of the country one lives in
  • Let’s discuss some of these on the list.

Evaluation Of The #1 Factor Choices

Some of these choices may look like they make a lot of sense.

  1. Ideal Body Weight

Weight ScaleCertainly if you are lean, you’ll move around better in the bedroom than someone who has 50 pounds to lose.

Sex over 40 is obviously better when you’re at ideal weight. And if you just lost 40 pounds, the achievement itself of losing the weight can be quite motivating and make you feel sexier.

  1. Financial Status

Financial difficulties surely nip the sexual drive and sexual desire in the bud.

Instead of making love, what’s going on in most financially-stressed minds is how to pay the bills or who to borrow money from when the electric bill has to be paid by Wednesday. Sex over 40 goes on the back burner.

  1. Use Of Prescription Medications

Prescription MedicationsDoctors report that the more prescription medications you take as you get older, the lower the quality of life you will have.

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So the choice of not taking any prescription medications surely looks as if it may be the answer. Plus, many medications have side effects of loss of libido, leaving some people shaking their heads and wondering, “Is it me?”

  1. Vacation Time

And of course, who could not get in the mood when they’re on vacation? Well, have you ever been on a vacation from hell where you lost your luggage, contracted a parasite, and had to return home before you had a chance to relax?

Vacation time is not necessarily always a good time for sex over 40.

  1. Social Support System

Unhappy FriendsWhat about talking to your friends about your problems and having a good social support system? Isn’t it good to talk about them?

Well, not necessarily because in many cases, talking about your problems prolongs them – unless the person you are talking to potentially has a solution.

  1. Menopausal Symptoms

Presence of menopausal symptoms certainly can make sexual relations less pleasurable.

If you are having hot flashes, your body has a way of getting you to focus on nothing except for the hot flash itself. And then afterwards, you would probably want to take a shower to feel fresher.

  1. Economic Conditions In The World

Bad News TVThe economic conditions occurring in the world can certainly contribute to how you feel but is it enough to interfere with your lovemaking activities at night?

Perhaps only if the television is on in the bedroom or if you watched the late night news filled with negative reports on crime.

The #1 Factor For Sex Satisfaction In The Over 40 Crowd

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences collected 677 women between the ages of 40 and 65 for their study to search for the one factor that could make a difference in sexual enjoyment.

Why Would So Many Women Volunteer?

QuestionApparently, it’s a quite popular thing to search for more sexual satisfaction so volunteering to be a subject in the study was an easy decision.

It’s always possible that some women had such great sex lives that they wanted to be “studied”. Or others had such a poor sex life that they wanted to find out what others were doing for their own sex life.

The research study may have been thought to be a good environment to bring up the subject.

Most likely the volunteers had a “normal” sex life and just wanted to do something positive – and different for once.

All the women had to do for this study was fill out a consent form and complete a Life Engagement Test along with a questionnaire on their backgrounds. The Life Engagement Test measured life purpose.

Answer: Higher Sense of Purpose

Purpose SignThe researchers found that it was a higher sense of purpose in life was what was associated with more enjoyment of sex in those over 40. (Source:

Just because the women didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant during the menopausal years didn’t matter. And neither did any other factor that the researchers tested for.

Do you have a higher sense of purpose in life? Is there more to your life than just determining what your needs are today and meeting them? Do you have a mission in life? Are you spiritually connected?

All these things matter when you get in the over 40 age range.

source : Factors Affecting Sexual Activity in Midlife Women: Results from the Midlife Health Study


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