Can Facial Exercises Help You If You’re Over 40?

Can Facial Exercises Help You If You’re Over 40?

Facial exercises are one of the keys to staying young.

And the funny thing is that they didn’t become popular until women set their foot down and said, “No more aging on my face! I won’t take it.”

If you’re over 40, you’ve no doubt seen changes on your face in the mirror.

These changes seem to sneak up on you without you realizing it as the time flies by.

Have you noticed that a week is gone before you know it?

Well, the answer is to exercise your face! Just like you exercise your body!

It’s a novel concept for some people but it works!

What Exactly Are Facial Exercises?

Facial exercises are exercises that move the small muscles of your face.

In the course of daily living, you are moving your muscles to talk, smile, frown, act surprised, and act mad. Whichever muscles you move the most will contribute to wrinkles in that area.

For example, if you frown a lot or express discontent at young children, guess what happens to the area between your brows.

Yes, that’s right – you get furrows that look deep and give you the appearance of someone difficult to deal with; someone who is never content.

That last statement may have struck a bad chord with someone and it’s not meant to be sarcastic.

The fact is that when you frown, it generally precedes take action type of behavior – and often that action is intervening in what’s going on.

When you do facial exercises, you move your face in a certain way to “reset” the muscles of the face.

Human Facial MusclesFor example, if your eyelids are droopy, it means that the muscles that hold them open have been a little lax.

By opening your eyes as wide as possible, holding them there for a count of 10, and then relaxing, you can retrain them to recede back to their original position.

Seeing Benefits Of Facial Exercises Was Worth It

At first, I didn’t believe that facial exercises worked until I attended a local class on the topic. The woman who was teaching the class was in her 70s and had a face of someone in her late 40s. She had done the exercises since her 40s.

Her motivation to start doing facial exercises was that she didn’t want plastic surgery and there was a little fear that her husband wouldn’t perceive her the same way when she was older and wiser.

Also, she came from a background in television and in public so she had to look her best. Beauty sells and always will.

Looking into her face, I saw no wrinkles, tight skin, no dark shadows, wide open eyes and a pretty mouth. She was a living example of the benefits of facial exercises.

What else could be a better way to show the world that facial exercises work?

QuestionWhat Happens When You First Start Facial Exercises
When you first get started doing facial exercises, your face will feel tired.

That’s a strange sensation but you’ll get over it quickly. It’s really no different than working out at the health club and having some muscle soreness set in afterwards.

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In the very beginning, you won’t perform all the possible facial exercises that are available to you. Instead, you’ll only do a select few exercises and get used to these. After about a week, you can add more.

This should only take about 10 minutes a day. After awhile, you’ll see that you can work in these exercises to your daily routine, such as while stopped at red lights, while waiting in the grocery store line, or in the elevator.

The purpose of starting slow is to prevent excessive muscle fatigue from occurring.

Excessive muscle fatigue will give you the message that the exercises aren’t worth doing, just as a day of incapacitation because you worked out too hard at the gym will prevent you from getting back in the gym in a few days.

After you develop a routine of doing these exercises, you’ll start to see changes occur.

Facial exercises experts will tell you to look for a huge jump in age reversal in about three months and every three months thereafter. So you know the end is in sight.

Facial Exercise BenefitsSo what is it that facial exercises will do for you? Here are the benefits:

● make you look refreshed

● make your skin look pinkish and healthy, as if every cell is getting the blood supply it needs

● reverse wrinkles

● eliminate jowls and other signs of aging such as droopy lip corners

● get you compliments on how you look again

Facial exercises for those over 40 is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

source : Can Face Exercises Really Make You Look Younger?

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