Habits That Go Far When You’re Over 40

Habits That Go Far When You’re Over 40

Being one of many over 40 wives out there in society really isn’t any different than being 5 to 10 years old, 10-20 years old, 20-30 years old or even 50-60 years old.

All of the time spans in our lives involve one thing: breaking habits and replacing them with good habits.

This includes habits of mind and habits of body.

If you have a lot of habits that you know you should break, there’s never been a better time to start as there is now.

With established fields of hypnosis, neurolinguistics, visualization, and neurolinguistic programming, you can go about breaking habits in a more time efficient manner than ever.
For example, let’s say you have a bad habit of eating chocolate and it’s ruining your body and your mind.

All you do is think about the chocolate – what type to buy, when your next bite is going to be, where you’re going to buy it, and when the next coupon is coming in the email for Godiva chocolates.

Really, as you can see, this chocolate fascination has literally gained control of your life instead of you maintaining the control you need over your life. It’s become a bad habit.

And when you’re over 40, every quality day matters because each day sets the foundation for the next ten years of your life.

3 Bad Habits To Break

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Let’s review some other bad habits:

  1. Yelling At Family Members/Not Saying Anything To Encourage.
    Even if you’ve done this for years, the times have changed. Yelling at people is really not going to win you any friends or family members at your bedside when you’re sick. People will be afraid of you.

Replace this one with reframing what you want to say in language that will win you a friend.

  1. Holding Grudges.

This is one of the worst of all because it affects your body and soul both. Holding grudges makes you sick and makes you lash out at innocent others who happen to bring up a past issue.

When breaking bad habits, put this one at the top of your list and replace it with the idea that you are unoffendable. Then do what it takes to become unoffendable.

  1. Unhealthy Eating Habits.

There are so many different unhealthy eating habits that they all can’t even be listed here.

It’s quite common for over 40 wives to get into a rut with this category because we live in a society where unhealthy food is a norm and it’s uncommon to be surrounded by those with healthy eating habits.

The best way of breaking a habit in this category is to forget about breaking a bad habit and instead, just start initiating new healthy eating habits, one at a time.

Eat FoodHealthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits go a long way in life – both now and in later years. Here are some examples to choose from:

  1. Substitute water for sweetened beverages.
  2. Substitute real milk for coffee creamers that are artificial preservatives and chemicals and that’s about it.
  3. Cut your consumption of bread in half.
  4. Stop eating pastas and replace them with two servings of vegetables.
  5. Count your carbohydrates in foods and don’t exceed 35 grams per meal.
  6. Throw away foods with hydrogenated fats and replace them with other foods that don’t contain the hydrogenated fats.
  7. Eat protein foods – high quality ones like eggs, dairy products, fish, turkey, chicken, beef, bison, pork, and lamb for lunch and dinner and try to get a half serving in for breakfast.
  8. Stop eating foods you think you’re allergic to.
  9. Cut out the caffeinated foods.
  10. Drink two glasses of water when you wake up in the morning.
  11. Drink a glass of water before each meal.
  12. Take your vitamins and minerals
  13. Replace carbonated beverages with healthy beverages that are not carbonated.
  14. Stop microwaving your foods. Heat them on the stove, in the oven, on the grill, or in the crockpot.
  15. When you want to eat junk food, go for a walk.
  16. Cut out half the junk foods from your diet.
  17. Then cut out the other half.

Don’t Forget Good Intellectual Habits

Good Inellectual HabitThink about what good habits of mind you can begin now that have the power to shape your future. For example, is your brain and memory sharp? If not, don’t wait until a diagnosis of dementia is looming.

Start now. There are brain-training exercises that are fun to do and can be found online, such as www.lumosity.com

Reading is another good habit that takes you far as long as you make wise choices in what books you choose. You might even pick up some books about healthy eating habits and ones that focus on breaking bad habits.

Ponder the fine and good things in life, not the bad things. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking about life’s problems but this gets you nowhere. Think of all the years you’ve already wasted worrying about things. Was it really that productive?

If you’re in the category of wives over 40, you aren’t declining. You’re getting better because you’ve accumulated a lot of wisdom in life already.

The only thing that can make you decline are bad habits. Do what you can do today to start breaking bad habits and never look back.

source : 40 Habits Doctors Wish You’d Adopt After 40

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