Over 40 Weight Gain: What To Do To Create Enough Reasons To Change

Over 40 Weight Gain: What To Do To Create Enough Reasons To Change

Have you joined the statistics of those with over 40 weight gain?

Interestingly, there are no specific statistics saying that once you’re over 40, weight gain is going to happen.

However, there are statistics that over 2/3 of the population is overweight.

It’s quite possible that a few decades ago, most of those who gained weight were over 40 years old. And that’s where the idea came from. People looked around and saw that usually those who were overweight were older than 40 years old.
People at that time may also have found that at their high school reunions around age 40, more people seemed to be overweight than ever before.

QuestionWhy Kids Become Overweight

With the advent of children not moving around and playing as much as before, kids are overweight. They also watch much more television than ever before.

So with kids becoming overweight more often, now you have the situation where two-thirds of the population is overweight.

Another contributing factor is the type of foods chosen to eat. Choosing foods that cause an insulin reaction by raising the blood sugar reaction, one knows that weight gain will soon follow.

The Reasons Why Kids Gain Weight Is The Same For Adults

The same thing that happens in kids will happen to you if you’re over 40. Are you moving around enough and getting enough exercise? If the answer is no, then weight gain over 40 is to be expected.

Lack Of ExerciseAre you watching a lot of television? Is there any way you can cut down on this? Sure there is – and replacing an hour of television with an hour of exercise three times a week is all that is needed.

One program called Body for Life only asks you to work out with weights for 45 minutes three times a week – and that’s entirely doable.

Are you depending on foods that are easy to prepare by opening a box or can? These are the foods that will increase your waistline.

Is it possible to do just a little bit of cooking a few times a week so you’ll have some meals ready which are quite nutritious? Sure! Why not do it? Why not try it?

Finding Your Motivation To Beat The Over 40 Weight Gain

To change what you’re doing, you really have to dig deep inside yourself and find your motivation. Here are some keys to doing just that and overcoming this over 40 weight gain.

  1. Write A List Of Why You Want To Change

What are the main reasons why you want the over 40 weight gain gone? These are your goals. Make the reasons good enough to propel you through the weight loss period.

Some of the common reasons people use include these:

✓ look good for an upcoming event

✓ be healthier than you are presently

✓ be able to move around more freely and participate in activities with the kids

✓ look hot for a spouse

✓ see what’s possible and have a mid-life achievement

If you’re losing weight because of an upcoming event, then it’s important to have a secondary goal for weight loss lined up for after the date of that event. This way you will be less likely to return to your pre-event weight status.

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Losing weight to be healthier is a matter of keeping a log of what positive things you see occurring as you lose weight. Put it on your list and add other goals.

If your goal is to be able to move more freely than right now, this goal is a little more difficult to track.

Add another goal as a primary one and let this goal be something you monitor after every 10 pounds lost. It will motivate you as the weight is coming off.

A goal of looking hot for your spouse is a pretty good one but again, how will you measure it? Does the achievement depend on whether your spouse has sex with you?

If so, then you’re letting another person control your inner motivation.

Consider that your goal is to increase how hot you feel for your spouse and keep records on how this is developing every week.

Think through your goals and your reasons. It makes sense to have a long list of why you want to achieve weight loss because some of them will not motivate you through the entire process.

That doesn’t mean they are bad; it just means that you can have a multitude of reasons that will kick in at different times. It’s a more effective way to eliminate that over 40 weight gain.

  1. Get A Picture Of What Your Future Will Look Like
  2. This is another big part of your success and what people don’t realize is that it can change as you are losing weight.

The image of you in your new body looks better and better in your head as you start to lose weight. So don’t forget to keep updating the picture of your success. Try to update it every week.

  1. Designate A Buddy To Help You

Workout BuddySome people benefit more at weight loss efforts when they have a buddy to encourage them.

If this applies to you, then choose someone who has a proven track of success. Don’t choose someone who hasn’t worked with you before.

After deciding who would be great for the task, compliment them on the relationship that you have; then ask them to help in a specific way.

Do you need them to call you three times a week? The more specific you are, the greater your chance of success will be.

With these strategies you can make over 40 weight gain into over 40 weight maintenance. Now get to work!

source : Why Weight Loss Routines Stop Working in Your 40s — and 8 Fixes That’ll Help

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